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Onesies: A place for lonely pictures

You know those times when you take only one picture? Yeah, this page is where mine live!

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July 2015 - Wild Rogue

Rafting the wild and scenic section of the Rogue River.

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April 2015 - Red Rock Wilderness

Exploring the Red Rock Wilderness near Sedona.

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February 2015 - Sierra Ancha

Canyons, water, and cliff dwellings far from anywhere.

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February 2015 - Cochise Stronghold

A birthday party at Cochise Stronghold.

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October 2014 - Mt. Wrightson

Hiking to the best view in Southern Arizona.

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September 2014 - Tanque Verde Falls

Looking for waterfalls in Tucson.

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July 2014 - A Summer Vacation

When a summer vacation is actually several.

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July 2014 - Big Sur Backpacking

A 3-day backpacking trip near Big Sur.

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April 2014 - After the Rain

Rare April rains in Tucson.

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March 2014 - Chiricahuas

Loren and I go off to backpack in the Chiricahua Mountains.

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January 2014 - Sycamore Canyon

Hiking the Sycamore Canyon Rim Trail near Flagstaff.

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July 2013 - Summer Stuff

Painting, organizing, cleaning, and other summer-related pictures.

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June 2013 - Fiji

Loren and Pascal visit Bruce in Fiji.

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March 2013 - Picacho Peak

A Tucson ICO (Inner City Outings) trip in conjunction with the International Rescue Coalition.

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February 2013 - Golden Gate Mountain

We go off-trail with Scott at Golden Gate Mountain.

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January 2013, Sabino Canyon

Teresa and Dane visit us on MLK Weekend. Fun ensued.

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October 2012 - Revisiting Sedona

Mekayla came to Arizona and we went off to explore the red rock country in and around Sedona.

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August 2012 - Camping in the Catalinas

Camping in the Catalinas. The only rule is that photos must have Lance in them.

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August 2012 - Bear Jaw Trail

Hiking with University of Arizona and New Mexico people at the CQuIC workshop.

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August 2012 - Green Mountain Trail

Lance and I escape to the cooler mountains.

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July 2012 - More Mt. Lemmon

We subject Yama to our favorite summer hangout in Tucson, Mt. Lemmon.

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June 2012 - Pontatoc Canyon

A Sunday morning hike where it was 90ยบ by 9 am.

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May 2012 - Grand Canyon Eclipse

Viewing of the annular solar eclipse.

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May 2012 - Northern New Mexico

Loren and I met Ben, Mekayla, and Greg for some camping in the Jemez Mountains.

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April 2012 - School Trip to Mt Lemmon

Pascal volunteers with Tucson Inner City Outings to take some 5th graders to Mt. Lemmon.

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March 2012 - Rincon Peak

Mana, Hans, Loren, and I set out to climb Rincon Peak.

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March 2012 - Weekend in Bisbee

Loren and I celebrate our fourth anniversary with a weekend visit to Bisbee.

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January 2012 - Hiking in Saguaro East

Loren and Pascal hike with some friends in Saguaro National Park East.

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December 2011 - Christmas in Grass Valley

Loren and Pascal spend the holiday with family.

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December 2011 - Wasson Peak

I volunteer with a group called Tucson Inner City Outings (ICO) which offers underrepresented children the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities like hiking. Here is an ICO trip up Wasson Peak.

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November 2011 - Weekend in Sedona

Loren and I took a post-Thanksgiving trip to Sedona and very much enjoyed hiking and eating good food!

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November 2011 - Agua Caliente

A quick hike partway up Agua Caliente hill before the Thanksgiving meal.

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November 2011 - Mountains In Yuma

Aaron and I took a trip over to Yuma to run in a 10 kilometer trail race.

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October 2011: Backpacking to Hutch's Pools

A big group, composed mostly of ecology/evolutionary biology folks, backpacked from Gordon Hirabayashi (Old Prison Camp) to Hutch's Pools, and back.

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August 2011: We didn't lose the trail; the trail lost us!

A fantastic excursion to Mount Kimball in the Catalina Mountains with Aaron and Mana. Up Finger Rock Canyon and down Pima Canyon. Somewhere along the way, the trail disappeared on us before reappearing 1000 feet below. All told, 8500 vertical feet, 12 miles, and 9 hours of hiking.

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August 2011: Hiking the San Francisco Mountains

In Flagstaff for a research retreat, Rex and I took an afternoon hike up Abineau Canyon in the San Francisco Mountains. The rain and cold cut short what would have been a longer hike.

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August 2011 - The Amazon

Loren has been doing her field work the Amazon river basin this summer. We decided to give her a good excuse to take a mini vacation by having me show up in the middle. The Amazon is generally difficult to capture in pictures and is better experienced in person. But, here's my attempt anyway.

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July 2011 - Escape to Mt. Lemmon

A trip into the Catalina Mountains with Gabriel and Maelle.

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July 2011 - Beating the Heat

They finally reopened the Catalinas to the public after being closed due to high fire danger. Time for a quick trip to 8000 feet!

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May 2011 - Grand Canyon

Loren and Pascal take their Brazilian guest, Suelen, on a little trip to the big Canyon.

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May 2011 - Sweetwater Canyon

Loren and Pascal explore the east side of the Tucson Mountains.

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April 2011 - General Hitchcock Trail

Aaron and Pascal go trail running partway up Mt. Lemmon.

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April 2011 - Pima Canyon

Aaron and Pascal go trail running.

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March 2011 - New Mexico Road Trip

Loren and I take a weekend trip to New Mexico.

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February 2011 - Saguaro West

Loren and Pascal visit Saguaro National Park West for the first time.

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