Highlights and favorite photos.
What to do with melted chocolate, take 4. : raft, river, trip, whitewater  The quintessential southwestern cactus. : waterfall, water, desert, canyon, hiking  Loren and I moments after she agreed to marry me. : big sur, hike, proposal  The overcast and 60 degree weather was blissful after leaving the 105º heat in Arizona. : waldron, wedding, beaulieu, berg 
Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helen's (in the background) from the airplane window. Such a pretty day! : waldron, wedding, beaulieu, berg, airplane, window  Getting down at Emily's wedding. : wedding, dancing  Family puzzle making! : holiday, tucson, home, family  Loren hops a ride across the stream. The Vibram 5-fingers were useful for some unexpected situations. : fiji, sailboat, vacation, southern hemisphere, favorite 
Another desert scene. Interstate 10 in the background. : hiking, ico, sierra club, irc, cables  Cuddly (not!) cholla cactus. : desert, mountains, cactus, hike, off-trail  The end of a wonderful adventure with Teresa and Dane! : desert, hike, canyon  What happens when you cross from the opposite side, see this sign, and there was no equivalent sign on the other side? : camp, hike, solo, catalinas 
Hiking up the Marshall Gulch Trail in the Catalinas. : hiking, rain, thunder storm, yama  Loren hikes with Finger Rock in the background. : hiking, canyon, catalinas, canyon  Sage Lance. : grand canyon, eclipse  156northernNMHDR : northern new mexico, vacation, hiking 
Dogs at the ready! : dogs, ball, chase, christmas  West Fork Oak Creek near Sedona. : hiking, red rocks, thanksgiving, roadtrip  The last quarter mile before the top of Wasson Peak is definitely the coolest. : hiking, inner city outings  Cholla cactus. : hiking, thanksgiving 
The mad hiking trio:  Pascal, Aaron, and Mana. : hike, elevation, canyon, desert, sky island  The smallest frog I've ever seen.  It must not be bigger than 100 or 200 grains of sand.  It's also so well camouflaged that I can't believe Loren spotted it. : brazil, tropics, rain forest, vacation  Lance atop Mt. Lemmon. : tourism, driving, mt lemmon, monsoon, summer  The sky. : roadtrip, camping, northern arizona 
The view from Grand View trailhead. : northern arizona, roadtrip, camping  045sweetwatercanyon : evening, sunset, hike, canyon, saguaro, national park  Confused Lance. : three year, anniversary, road trip, hike  027saguarowest : hike, saguaro, cactus 
035saguarowest : hike, saguaro, cactus