Onesies: A place for lonely pictures

You know those times when you take only one picture? Yeah, this page is where mine live!
Hammocks and rafting trips go well together. : raft, river, trip, whitewater  Yellow flowers at 8000 feet. : hiking, summer, flowers  Loren transplanting sunflowers. : home, sunflowers, yardwork  Is this what it's like to live in Plato's cave? : home, sunflowers, yardwork 
I'm afraid there's a line for the slide. : new lens, weekend, around town  A kid and his ball. : new lens, weekend, around town  Kites and moons aren't often seen together. : new lens, weekend, around town  Musicians at the Sunday Farmer's Market. : new lenses 
The goods at the farmer's market. : new lenses  Carroll and Loren on Agua Caliente Hill. : hike, agua caliente, family, desert  The brothers Mickelson at the top of Madonna Peak in San Luis Obispo. : hike, brothers  Those clouds represent the beginning of the 2012 monsoon season in Arizona. : hiking, sky island, summer 
Morning in the kitchen.  Morning sun beams.  With the Whiptail captains after regionals.  Pascal and Philippe at home before the Tough Mudder race. 
Some of the basil I harvested from our backyard.  This plant is one plant that handles the Tucson summer heat very well!  (I made pesto) : basil, garden, food  Clouds in the desert make for great sunsets! : sunset, neighborhood, clouds  Dane's picture originally from a quick trip to Ikea on Pascal's visit to Houston in June. : ikea, mirror, friends  Grandpa's 88th birthday!